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Compliance with standards for content and functionality 

Identification of the Content Manager (Webmaster)

Obec Šípkové, webmaster@sipkove.sk, +421337780825

Competencies of the Content Manager

Village Sipkove is an independent territorial and administrative unit of the SR. It brings together people who have a permanent residence in i,ts, territory. The village is a legal person under the conditions provided for by law No. 138/1991 Coll. on municipal property independently manages its own assets and own income, and government power is defined in the Act No. 369/1990 Coll. on Municipalities as amended. The basic task of the municipality in the exercise of self-care is an all-round development of its territory and the needs of its people.

Disclosure hours of content manager

Office hours are posted on the website Municipal office - contacts

Contact for communication with other public authorities and the public

Name of operator: Janka Miškufová
E-mail address of operator: obecnyurad@sipkove.sk
Telephone operator: +421337780825

Identification of the technical operator

WebHouse, s.r.o. Trnava, www.domains.sk, support@domains.sk

Statement of accessibility of the web site

The web site of the village Sipkove is formed in an effort to achieve maximum availability and maximum transparency of their contents. This site meets the standards W3C and largely satisfies WCAG 2.0 .

Site layout and content is published in a structured XHTML 1.0 transational language. Visual presentation is designed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Pages that meet the standards for the creation of public administration information systems, according to the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic č.312/2010 coded on June 9, 2010 on standards for information systems of public administration.

All pictures bringing some content are marked with "alt" and /or "title". Illustrative images are marked with an empty "alt".

All text and background colors are designed to be in good contrast and brightness difference be sufficient. The texts should therefore be clearly legible for users with visual impairments and attention dysfunction and other complainants perception content. Web site is fully usable and working environment set "High Contrast" (High Contrast).

Site is operated by Content Management System (CMS) made by PSoIT .

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